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MaxDiff Scoring of Claims

Find out which claims are most likely to engage consumers and drive interest. Simple MaxDiff scoring reveals highest performing claims. Projective techniques help you understand why claims are resonating and how to refine language. 


Likes & Dislikes Word Cloud

View key themes for likes and dislikes among consumers’ verbatim responses to your best and worst performing claims. 


Likes & Dislikes Text Highlighter

Identify the words and phrases consumers find appealing and why or why not. Consumer verbatims help you optimize language. 


About ZappiStore


ZappiStore generates insight through automation. Using technology to make industry-leading market research faster and more cost-effective. Enabling clients to get insights fuelling their business decisions in a matter of hours. Bringing consumers into the business process earlier and more often.

Thought Bubble Word Clouds

View key themes associated with your best and worst performing claims – consumer takeaways give you direction on how to improve copy for your claims. 



strongest claims & why via BuzzBack's unique projective techniques.


the most compelling claims & benefits for your product, concept, pack or ad.


claims language to drive consumer action.

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Likes & Dislikes Word Cloud

Likes & Dislikes Text Highlighter

Thought Bubble Word Clouds

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